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Breakfast Run 2014

United by Scooby and driven by charity

The Nasrec Show Grounds were abuzz with activity on Sunday 6 July as over 3000 classic cars – both modern remakes and sound kitted cars - were exhibited, much to the delight of both young and old. The event drew support from various sectors, including enthusiasts, a number of car societies and clubs, families and even charity groups such as
ScoobyNation South Africa. In 2012 Subaru drivers from the East Rand and surrounding areas began work on coming together under the banner of charity, united by their shared love and appreciation of the Subaru brand and its vehicles. Two years later, ScoobyNation managed to gather over 100 vehicles, including a total of 49 Subarus, for a Blanket Breakfast Run for Angels from Above, an NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) which supports homeless families and children with food, clothing and blankets.Speaking to tame TIMES, Michael Moolman (convener and organiser of the annual Blanket Breakfast Run) said,“Although it is not always easy to get a large number of participants, following the blanket collection we had in 2012 for another charity (New Beginnings), supporters of the group were really excited to get involved this time around.”The group all met on Sunday morning at the Mc Café in Boksburg and continued to convoy towards Nasrec, where they were joined by representatives of the Angels from Above charity organisation, who received 337 blankets, two boxes of food and 12 boxes of clothing. ScoobyNation was joined by the Honda NC Riders and the Blood in Blood Out Bikers Clubs.“I would like to thank all the individuals who got involved; everyone who came could have used the morning for any other activity, but they chose to do something good, for a good cause,” said Moolman. As ScoobyNation we also have to acknowledge and thank the Honda NC Riders as well as the Blood in Blood Out
Bikers Clubs for joining us and making this breakfast run a massive success,” he added.

Homes that benefited by this event was Huis Quanessa and Huis Janri